English - rehoming



The largest part of our work involves finding new homes for the many cats that come to our rescue centre.

ImageWhen a cat arrives with us and before they are re-homed, they are seen by a vet to check they are in good health and are spayed or neutered if required.  They will then begin a de-worming treatment.  In the case of kittens, once they are old enough, vaccinations are given and they are also spayed or neutered. 

Our centre is open to the public so that they can come and see all the different cats that are in need of a safe and loving home.  We are open Monday to Thursday from 5 pm - 8 pm, and Saturday 1 pm - 4 pm with the exception of public holidays.  On a visit to the centre, we will help you find the most suitable cat for your living situation.

Once you have chosen your new family member, we will ask you to sign a contract.  An Animal Protection Bergen representative will contact you shortly after re-homing to check everything is going smoothly.

To see photos of the cats that currently need a home, please click on ‘Katter til omplassering' on the homepage of the Norwegian site.